Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ring-around-the-eye liner is one my favorite night-out looks because it really makes your eyes pop. Just look at these pics of Hayden Panettiere and Rebecca Gayheart sporting major upper and lower liner.

http://www.girlishh.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/apply-eye-makeup.jpg        http://www.life123.com/bm.pix/eyeliner100.s600x600.jpg

But getting the liner inside the rims of your eyes (also known as the “water line”) can be kind of tricky, so here’s a great tip that I picked up from my favorite makeup artist, Mally Roncal.

1. Place your ring finger on your lid and gently lift up to expose your inner rim. Or, if you’re comfortable having a sharp object near your eye, position the tip of your liner in your inner rim. (Watch Mally demonstrate the second technique in this video.)
2. Apply a freshly sharpened, soft black liner to your upper inner rim.
3. Blink a few times to distribute the liner to your lower inner rim.
4. For a more intense effect, line your upper and lower lids again, but this time get as close to your lashes as possible without actually going inside to the inner rim.


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