Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here is a compilation of the most common causes that lead to cracked heels:

-Naturally dry skin or thick dry skin (callus) around the heel that is more likely to crack is often due to excessive feet activity.
-Prolonged standing at work or home .Hard floors may also cause cracks in the feet.
-Being overweight may increase the pressure on the normal fat pad under the heel, causing it to expand sideways and if the skin lacks flexibility the pressure on the feet lead to cracked heels.
-Back-open sandals or shoes allow the fat under the heel to expand sideways and increases the possibility of cracks on the heels.
-Disease and Disorders-Athlete’s foot, Psoriasis, Eczema, Thyroid disease, Diabetes and some other skin conditions may also cause cracked heels.

Here is a list of some other reasons that may lead to cracked heels:
-Age - Thick dry scaly skin lose elasticity with age and thus cracks have higher incidence with age.
-Ill fitting shoes, standing for a long time or change in walking posture.
-Unhygienic circumstances or conditions
-Unhealthy, dry scaly skin due to climate or diseases
-Deficiency of vitamins, minerals and zinc


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