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Causes of Blocked Milk Duct

There are many reasons why the milk ducts may become clogged. However the primary reason is that the milk is not able to drain entirely. This usually happens because of ill fitting bras or extremely tight clothes. Incomplete feedings or skipping feedings frequently may also cause the milk ducts to get clogged. If you have been using a breast pump to pump out milk, an inadequate machine may also cause an infection. Other causes include stress, illnesses such as colds and infections, and malnutrition. If the blockage in the milk ducts is not addressed immediately, it may cause a severe infection in the breasts.

Home Remedies for Blocked Milk Duct

The most important thing to follow is to make sure that you nurse your baby frequently. In order to empty the breast completely, this is extremely essential. If you breastfeed your baby often, it can help increase comfort and reduce the inflammation. The sore area should also be massaged frequently. Massage the breast firmly after every feeding. To massage it effectively, start from the top of the breast and gently work your way towards the nipple area. You can also try applying a slightly warm compress to the breast before breastfeeding. This helps in ensuring that the entire milk is drained out during the feeding and there is no clogging of the ducts.

Another great home remedy for blocked milk ducts is to vary your nursing position. Try various cradling positions or try holding your baby differently every time you feed it. This can help ensure that the milk ducts empty. If you already have a blocked milk duct and are feeling sore, try positioning the baby in a way that the chin of the baby is pointing towards the sore point. The suction is therefore directed towards the clogged duct and healing is promoted.


Diet for Blocked Milk Duct

Some herbs can help improve the healing of blockages. A sufficient intake of vitamin C can not only help prevent clogging of milk ducts but also promotes healing of clogged ducts. If you have pain, you can drink hot herbal infusions of lecithin and Echinacea. These hot infusions help relieve the pain and can also help unclog the ducts.


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