Friday, February 12, 2010

Back Pain Symptoms, Causes, Remedy and Diet

Back pain causes are varied

There are several different causes of back pain, some of which are the result of temporary stress or trauma, and some indicating a structural problem or a degenerative condition.

Back pain causes can mainly be described as follows:
- Strains: The most common causes of back pain are things such as maintaining an awkward position for too long, making sudden awkward movements, overusing the back muscles, bad posture, lifting heavy weights improperly. All of these can strain the muscles and ligaments in the back, causing pain that lasts till the affected parts have recovered.
- Injury or cumulative damage: One common cause of back pain is conditions such as a “slipped disc”, in which part of an intervertebral disc bulges out from the spine, compressing nerves and causing terrible pain. This is usually the result of suddenly lifting things with the back bent. In addition, like any other bone, the bones in the spine can also get fractured as a result of trauma.
- Degenerative conditions: Conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis affect the bones and/or joints, and the spine is no exception.
- Psychological problems: It may be surprising to know that depression and stress can sometimes cause back pain even in cases where no other problem can be detected.
- Other causes: In rare cases, cancer can affect the spine or the nerves in the spine. Infection can also occur, causing inflammation and other problems.


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